"Anyone who's ever resorted to playing their axe with a quarter knows what a great tone can result..."


"George Washington cannot tell a lie, but he can melt your face off when his face is properly attached to set of electric guitar strings..."


"The quarter guitar picks are made by hand, and have been smoothed down beautifully as to not promote string wear..."


"Guitar picks made from coins. What if we did these with the MARS coins?"


"We’re digging the old buffalo nickel one the most, but there’s a ton to choose from before you hit your next bar gig..."


"...if you do fancy a coin-pick, this maker's stuff is rather beautiful."


"The edges of the picks have smooth beveled edges to reduce the wear on guitar strings..."


"Artists Dustin and Stephanie transform the still reasonably valuable currency into musically-minded shredding tools from their studio in Nashville, TN..."


"These antique coins shaped into custom guitar picks and polished to a vibrant shine will give your shredding heavy metal licks an even richer sound..."


"These handmade guitar picks are perfectly crafted by a man's hands to get a smooth beveled edge to keep your strings super sexy!"


"Interesting guitar picks made out of coins by Dustin and Stephanie in Nashville, TN..."


"Liquid smooth beveled edges provide a sweet attack, and the copper metal gives a nice bright tonal palette..."


"Are you ready to rock hard--at least as hard as a copper and nickel alloy?"


"Just when I thought the world had satisfied all my guitar-related whims..."


"The metal coins will give your guitar an awesome tone and their smooth, beveled edge means you won’t wear out your guitar strings after playing the riff from ‘Walk‘ by Pantera a few thousand times..."


"Nashville-based Dustin and Stephanie craft guitar (and mandolin) picks from coins and sell them at their Etsy shop..."


"The material that makes up your guitar pick affects the tone and sound the axe makes. Any player worth his salt will tell you as much..."


"Almost every guitar player has, at one point, picked up a quarter when they've run out of guitar picks..."


"If playing your six string with an antique USA Indian Head Buffalo Nickel pick doesn’t drop some drawers, man, we don’t know what will..."


"...this Liberty gold dollar coin guitar pick is a must have for any guitarist..."


"Musically inclined, or not, these guitar picks made from old coins are mint..."

So, here's a recap...

1. Every professional review of these coin guitar picks has been positive.

2. George Washington makes a great coin guitar pick.

3. They may melt your face off due to their awesome tone.

4. They keep your strings super sexy.

5. They will drop panties.

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